Arrived this week: Ampeg bass amps

We have just received our first shipment of Ampeg bass amps.  Included are the inexpensive BA- series for practice or low-key gigs, plus  a couple of their professional amps.  The Portaflex amp, based on a classic design from the 1960’s, has a head that flips over to hide inside the cabinet when it’s being moved.  The cabinet has one 15″ speaker with a horn, the head boasts 500 watts of power.  We also received the head and cabinets in the photo:  the SVT-7Pro bass head, which features 1000 watts of power into 4 ohms and a tube preamp but weighs only 15 pounds, a 2 X 10 cabinet (SVT-210AV) and a 4 X 10 (SVT-410HLF) which has built-in wheels for easy transport.  They make a really great sounding combination!