D’Addario Re-String Re-Cycle event Saturday 4/8/17


This Saturday we will be hosting a free re-stringing event courtesy of D’Addario strings and the Terra-cycle recycling program.  This program will introduce you to D’Addario’s premium string line–NYXL for electric and Nickel Bronze for acoustic guitar–and to the concept of string recycling. These new strings feature enhanced strength, projection and clarity.  It’s hard to describe sound, so the best way to check them out is to listen to them on your guitar.  And this Saturday is your opportunity to take a no-risk test-drive. Just bring your guitar to Downtown Sounds and we’ll put on a set for free.  We have a limited supply, so if you’d like to reserve a set for yourself, give us a call at 413-586-0998 or send an email to info@downtownsounds.com and let us know which set you want.  We have 9’s, 10’s and 11’s in the NYXL electric sets, and 11’s, 12’s and 13’s in the nickel bronze.

After we change the strings, your old strings will be deposited in a special box that goes to a company called Terracycle.  They specialize in recycling all kinds of consumer products.  So in addition to your free strings, you can feel good that you have kept your old strings out of a landfill.  Every time we take off an old set of strings at Downtown Sounds, they are recycled.   If you change strings yourself, we can also take your old strings if you want to bring them in.

Hope to see you Saturday.