Mackie SRM 450 v3 speaker


Mackie SRM 450 v3 speaker

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Bi-ampli cation with 300 watts rms low-frequency and 100 watts rms high-frequency power 127 dB peak SPL Wide dispersion, studio-quality high-frequency horn with multi-cell aperture throat Large format exponential/conical high-frequency horn mouth State-of-the-art precision 1.75-inch titanium compression driver Servo feedback controlled 12-inch high-ef ciency, light mass woofer Single mic/line level control High-pass switch for oor monitoring applications Contour switch provides ideal low to medium level music playback equalization Timed turn-off AC switch Complete electronic and component protection circuitry Electronic equalization and phase alignment Professional trapezoidal enclosure design Built-in pole mount cup on bottom Tilts on its side for use as a stage monitor Correctly weight-balanced with two comfort- able side handles for easy carrying and set up