Martin Arts and Crafts guitar


Martin Arts and Crafts guitar

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Solid German White Oak back and sides,
whose grain forms as a very unusual “Cathedral” or herringbone pattern, Individual No. 24 of 100 made total, solid Engelmann spruce top Auditorium housed within a plush lined hard shell case. We loved the first Arts and Crafts model Dreadnought but we wish that it had been made with a 1 ¾” nut width. Well, guess what? The A&C-2, which is a tastefully decorated 12-fret 000 with a solid headstock for easier/faster string changing has a 1 ¾” nut width. Structural features include mahogany internal blocks with a dovetail joint, herringbone with black/maple fiber purfling. The top braces are ¼” Sitka spruce, the end piece and the bindings are East Indian rosewood. The top is bordered in bold herringbone, the low profile neck is “selected hardwood” and the nut and saddle are carved of bone. The headplate is solid East Indian rosewood hosting the “C Martin F” block gold mother of pearl logo, and an inlaid pearl Ginkgo leaf floral border. This is a long-scale guitar being 25.4″ nut to saddle, it has 20 frets total, a string spacing of 2 ¼” at the 12th fret and 2 ¼” at the bridge. The fingerboard is inlaid in the Arts and Crafts style of American furniture, architecture, decorative arts and interior design, or Pre-Raphaelite in the fine arts, being Ginkgo leaves inlaid in gold mother of pearl at frets 5,7,9 and 12, with a mother of pearl border. The aging toner top, as well as the sides, back and back of the neck are all finished in Polished Gloss lacquer. Bridge and end pins are solid black ebony. The bridge is a Pyramid Stauffer style, tuners are Gotoh Antique gold machines with large buttons; the guitar is housed in a Geib style #535AC five-ply plush lined wooden case. This guitar was designed without a pickguard. In keeping with the Arts and Crafts movement, the back stripe is made up of a repeating Rosewood & Oak Dovetail Design and adjacent to the heel of the neck are inlaid four rosewood squares with a repeating sequence at the end graft. The entire effect of this guitar, being made of Oak and being influenced so greatly by this aesthetic movement that occurred between the eras of Art Nouveau and Art Deco at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries (call it 1880 to 1910), is one of stately, timeless beauty.
The CF Martin List Price is $6,499

soory about the glare in some of the photos. The guitar is clean and beautiful.