Martin D28 authentic 1931


Martin D28 authentic 1931

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Martin based the D-28 Authentic 1931 acoustic guitar on a real 1931 D-28 selected from Martin’s museum. In fact, the original was the first guitar ever stamped with “D-28”! This highly collectible D-28 Authentic 1931 boasts period correct “28” Authentic style appointments, hide glue construction, and Authentic 1931 neck barrel, heel, diamond, head taper, and slots. And because its made from Madagascar rosewood with an Adirondack spruce top, the Martin D-28 Authentic 1931 acoustic guitar sounds just like a classic Martin should.

Woods aged to perfection with Martin’s VTS
Tone connoisseurs are always in search of the perfect guitar tone, and in the acoustic world one of the most-loved tones is that of a vintage Martin. We’re talking guitar that have aged well over 50 years. Martin Guitars recently perfected a unique way of torrefying the top woods and braces of their guitars to achieve the sound of an aged and broken-in Martin. The Vintage Tone System (VTS) lets Martin age the woods to a specific age/time period without the typical change in color of the wood from the torrefaction process. A special Vintage Gloss Finish is the hand applied to give the guitar the coloring of a vintage instrument. Martin’s VTS series guitars not only look like vintage guitars, they also have that sought-after sound.

Historically accurate re-creation
Martin started designing the D-28 Authentic 1931 acoustic guitar by taking a 1931 D-28 from their museum to the Smithsonian Institute so they could perform a CAT scan to examine and catalog every detail of this amazing instrument. From the premium tonewoods to the spot-on detailing to the historically accurate bracing and hide-glue construction, the Martin D-28 Authentic 1931 VTS is as perfect as it gets.

Big sound, full bass
The Martin D-28 Authentic 1931 offers the deep bass response that’s made Martin dreadnoughts so popular. Yet it also has a high-end presence that sings out even in heavy instrumentation. Martin’s D-28 Authentic 1931 is both loud and subtle, and has a quick response. The powerful voice and full sound of the D-28 has made it a staple in the Bluegrass world.

Quality tonewoods used throughout
A quality acoustic guitar is all about the wood, and the Martin D-28 Authentic 1931 delivers no-compromise quality. The top is of solid Adirondack spruce. Similar to high-elevation European alpine spruce, this wood was abundant in the 1930s and used on Martin guitars of that era. Its extraordinary tone, prized for its projection and tonal clarity, contributes significantly to the D-28 Authentic 1931’s sound. It’s back and sides are made of solid Madagascar rosewood, a classic Martin material. A solid mahogany neck with solid black ebony fingerboard gives the Martin D-28 Authentic 1931 awesome playing ease to match its awesome sound!

Martin D-28 Authentic 1931 Acoustic Guitar Features:
Based on an original 1931 D-28 from Martin’s museum
“28” Authentic style appointments for a period-correct look
Vintage Tone System (VTS) ages the woods to a specific age/time period
Madagascar rosewood back and sides are topped with Adirondack spruce for a powerful tonal combination
Authentic 1931 neck barrel, heel, diamond, head taper and slots
Aging toner on neck and body add to the vintage character
You’ll feel like you’re holding a classic with the Martin D-28 Authentic 1931!