Pearl Hip Kit Frame Drum.


Pearl Hip Kit Frame Drum.

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Pearl’s Hip Kit Frame Drum/Snare Slap Pack includes a 14″ Frame Drum, a Hip Clipz Snare Slap, and a Hip Clipz Frame Drum Strap. It’s basically transforms you into a groovin’ backbeat machine! With this pack it’s almost like you’re a walking drum set.

14″ Frame Drum:

The Pearl 14″ Frame Drum is an extremely portable, lightweight instrument that can be used an in immense number of musical situations. Drum circles, world percussion events, music classes, musical therapy, and lots of other musical activities can benefit from having a few of these around.

Simple to play, this drum is made with the same attention to quality that Pearl incorporates into all of their instruments. The shell is made of a blended Asiatic hardwood and the coated drum head is tunable with a standard drum key. The sound is warm and open.

Hip Clipz Snare Slap:

Pearl’s Hip Clipz Snare Slap is a portable little device that adds a snappy backbeat to any frame drum. Attach the clip section to the shell and the wooden slap section will hover over the drum head, waiting for you to slap it!

When the Snare Slap is struck, several snappy snare wires will smack the head and create a light, crisp attack sound. It’s designed to be intentionally floppy, so you can hit it and let it “shuffle” on the head for a second – quite a nice effect! You can even play some quick rhythms to add a little color to your groove.

Hip Clipz Frame Drum Strap:

The Pearl Hip Clipz Strap lets you wear any frame drum around your body instead of having to carry it around with your hands! Let this freedom of movement take you to new places – out into the audience, down the street, across the stage – while your hands are free to play the drum.

Each end of the Hip Clipz Strap features a bracket that tightens down onto the shell of any frame drum, with padded cushioning so you won’t hurt the hoop at all. It doesn’t matter how thick the shell is, either!

The strap goes around your shoulder, and is adjustable to give you a comfortable playing position despite how big the drum is or how tall you are.

Michael Dooley