Rockton Utopia multi effects unit.


Rockton Utopia multi effects unit.

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Rocktron has loaded the Utopia G100 Multi Effects Pedal with 4 incredible channels of tone (Clean, Texas, British, and Mega); 4-band EQ; and full bandwidth effects including wah, phaser, compressor, chorus, flanger, pitch shift, tremolo, delay, and reverb.

A Motorola DSP engine, stereo outputs, heavy-duty headphone output, and aux input for your iPod or other MP3 player included. The Utopia G100 provides 128 preset sounds (64 factory presets and 64 user presets). The G100 is fully programmable, for those who love to create their own sounds. Or crank it out with some of the best presets you’ll find anywhere.

The Utopia G100 is easy to use and operate. Fully programmable, it features an easy-to-read Cool Blue LCD display. The G100 has a rugged metal chassis and a professional-grade expression pedal made from metal!

Exclusive Rocktron features include state-of-the-art Speaker Simulation for awesome recording, Variac tube-sag emulation, and HUSH noise reduction.

Easy to use and operate
Motorola 24 Bit DSP Engine
Four channels of tone (Clean, Texas, British, Mega)
128 preset sounds (64 factory preset sounds and 64 user presets)
Full bandwidth effects. Pre-effects include wah, phaser, compressor. Post effects include chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay, reverb
Rugged professional grade chassis and expression control pedal made from metal
Rocktron Speaker Simulation
Variac (tube sag emulation)
HUSH noise reduction
Easy to read Cool Blue LCD display
64 Fully Programmable Presets
Stereo Outputs
Heavy Duty Headphone Output
Auxiliary (MP3/CD/IPOD) Input

this unit was a store demo. Limited use.