TC Alter Ego X4

TC Alter Ego X4


SKU: 960811005


We have just received the latest ultimate delay and loop pedal from TC: the Alter Ego X4.

TC has conjured up some delay tones that are truly magical in this pedal. The result is seen in twelve exclusive hand-selected sounds, lovingly crafted for Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo. From a tribute to the classic Binson Echorec* to a salute to the sweet Roland Space Echo*, an amazing Echoplex* sound and of course a custom version of TC Electronic’s own 2290, Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo takes you on a trip through the sweetest delay sounds ever. Lo-fi, Hi-fi, Tape, Analog and pristine digital delays – it’s all here in spades.

  • Twelve exclusive Delay sounds, expertly crafted by TC Electronic and ProGuitarShop
  • Spot-on tributes of time-honored classic delay units
  • A true celebration of the best of the best in tape, analog and digital delays
  • TonePrint Enabled – allowing you to edit the sounds on a computer, or download custom made sounds from TC’s website.