Lisa Bastoni

Lisa Bastoni

Lisa Bastoni is an accomplished singer and songwriter based in Northampton MA. A 2019 Kerrville New... Read More

Eva Meier

Eva Meier is a classically trained violinist and fiddle player from New England. She studied classical... Read More

Jamison Maloney

Jamison Maloney is currently a senior at Pioneer Valley performing arts in South Hadley. His main... Read More

Leah Bowden

Leah Bowden is a drummer, percussionist and music scholar from the San Francisco Bay Area. She... Read More

Justin Esiason

Justin Esiason graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz... Read More

Grant Wicks

Grant Wicks is a professional musician, producer, and audio engineer based in Western Massachusetts. He began... Read More

J. Witbeck

J. Witbeck is a multi-instrumentalist and music educator living in Northampton, Massachusetts. He specializes as a... Read More

Daniela Garcia

Daniela Garcia holds a bachelor’s degree in Trumpet from the Federal University of Paraiba in Brazil.... Read More

Rashaad Greene

Rashaad Greene is a percussionist/drummer currently pursuing his Masters at UMass Amherst and studying with Ayano... Read More

Zack Bartolomei

Zachary Bartolomei teaches saxophone and flute for all ages and experience levels, as well as beginner... Read More

Reed Sutherland

Reed Sutherland is a professional musician, composer and audio engineer currently residing in Northampton, Massachusetts. He is... Read More

Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon teaches fingerstyle, jazz, classical,​ western swing,​ country​,​ and blues guitar, Appalachian fiddle and mandolin,... Read More

Michele Feldheim

Michele Feldheim M.M. has been teaching and performing voice and piano for over twenty years.  She... Read More

Nina Gross

Nina Gross believes musical expression should be the right of every child. In her teaching, she... Read More

Robin Hoffman

Robin Hoffman teaches all types of ukulele including baritone and can teach you to read sheet... Read More

Jim Armenti

Jim Armenti teaches guitar, mandolin, bass, clarinet, saxophone, and ukulele integrating music theory, instrument theory, songwriting... Read More

Doug Beaumier

Doug Beaumier is a well known and experienced teacher of guitar and steel guitar for over... Read More

Dave Trenholm

Dave Trenholm teaches guitar, saxophone, flute, clarinet, bass, and ukulele. He’s been teaching at Downtown Sounds... Read More

Robby Roiter

Robby Roiter, another one of Downtown Sounds long standing guitar teachers has been at the Northampton... Read More

Keith Levreault

Keith Levreault has been a highly sought after drum instructor at Downtown Sounds for over 20 years. Keith... Read More

Jeff Nissenbaum

Jeff Nissenbaum has been teaching at Downtown Sounds for over 20 years! Jeff has been a professional... Read More

Kate O’Connor

Kate O’Connor has been a full time professional musician and music teacher for over 30 years.... Read More

Rudi Weeks

Rudi Weeks has been a professional musician and teacher of music for over thirty five years.... Read More

Pamela Means

Pamela Means is an accomplished teacher and musician who lends her experiences at Downtown Sounds providing... Read More

Max Wareham

Max Wareham has been teaching banjo in the Valley for over 6 years and has studied... Read More