Dan Margolis

Project Info

Skills Guitar, Ukulele

Project Description

Dan Margolis has been teaching guitar for nearly 20 years at Downtown Sounds! Dan has focused his teaching method on a song-based approach to learning guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. Dan says “everyone plays songs – they are the musical coin of the realm.  With a solid list of tunes, a student can confidently go and interact with other musicians.  Because it’s not possible to learn every song, it is important to choose tunes that are archetypes – songs that contain familiar patterns and riffs that can make future tunes easier to learn”.  Whether it’s a student trying to understand the mysteries of jazz with songs like “Blue Monk” or “Autumn Leaves” or one learning folk-rock with “Heart of Gold”, or blues with “The Thrill is Gone”, that student will develop the skills to build a rich musical life.

For the student looking to perform professionally, Dan can offer advice drawn upon his many years of experience playing an eclectic variety of music.  After spending his early years gigging with his high school rock band, Dan has gone on to play jazz, country, folk, blues, rock, and, for the theater, in pit bands.

There really is no substitute for an experienced teacher who can watch the student in action and instill good playing habits and correct bad ones before they become ingrained.  It can make all the difference between making swift progress and playing the same. Take a lesson with Dan and get started playing music!