Dan Margolis

Project Info

Skills Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar, Folk, Country, Rock

Project Description

Dan Margolis has played guitar for over 30 years. His early teachers were jazz guitarists Bob Shaw, Bob Rider and Nick Sencio. Later he studied under Ted Dunlop at the UMass Jazz in July program. Dan enjoys many musical types, primarily roots-oriented styles. Over the years he has played rock, jazz, folk, blues, country, swing, and bluegrass music. Currently he is leading his own jazz group, The Dan Margolis Trio, and has recently joined the doo-wop vocal group The Memories. Dan began teaching guitar in the early 1970’s, and still feels that he learns something every time he teaches. When he perform jazz, his main guitar is a Guild Artist Award. When he’s playing blues-rock-country, he prefers a Fender Telecaster. Dan uses Fender amplifiers.