Grant Wicks

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Instruments Guitar

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Grant Wicks is a professional musician, producer, and audio engineer based in Western Massachusetts. He began playing guitar as a teenager, studying under celebrated guitarist Michael Daves and becoming the youngest member of the Hampshire College Jazz Ensemble. Grant currently runs his own freelance recording business, Uncanny Audio. He has played on, engineered, and produced countless records over the years, working with members of Wilco, The Black Crowes, and Mr. Airplane Man, among others.

Grant is experienced in teaching a wide variety of musical styles and techniques on guitar, as well as songwriting, composition, music theory, and production. He is well-versed in Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jazz, Soul, Delta & Gospel Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, and various non-Western musical traditions. As an instructor, Grant works with students to develop individualized lesson plans designed to help each student meet their own unique playing goals, helping them to follow and further their creative passions.