Jeff Nissenbaum

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Instruments Drums
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Jeff Nissenbaum has been teaching at Downtown Sounds for over 20 years! Jeff has been a professional drummer for over thirty years playing with a host of bands representing different styles of music.  He also plays piano, violin, guitar, bass guitar, and here specializes in the drum set.
Jeff’s approach is aimed at working with students to achieve their musical goals. “Every student, whether an adult or youth, has their own unique goals, musical preferences and background.  I aim to be supportive and encourage a positive, fun learning environment.” Jeff responds to each individual’s needs with a result-oriented variety of proven teaching techniques, including incorporating one’s own favorite music as study and play-along material.

Playing the drums is lots of fun and is the key element for keeping time and rhythm for other musicians playing along in a group. Come on in and meet Jeff and go get started with him!