Jim Armenti

Project Info

Instruments Guitar, Mandolin, Clarinet, Saxophone

Project Description

Jim Armenti teaches guitar, mandolin, bass, clarinet, saxophone, and ukulele integrating music theory, instrument theory, songwriting and singing into lessons. Jim tailors his teaching also to specifically what the student wants to accomplish.

He has taught rock, folk, jazz, blues, rhythm, lead, flat picking and finger picking on strings. Classical, jazz and blues are genres that Jim can focus on or what cultural music experience the student is interest in. He has been teaching since 1979 and still gets as much enjoyment teaching beginners as professional players, noting that after 40 years of playing he still has as much to learn as a first time player, as musical learning is infinite and life long.  Jim received his B.A. in Music and Anthropology from U Mass Amherst in 1981.

Jim Armenti has played in a number bands since the 1970’s in the Valley and is one of the pillars of The Lonesome Brothers, alternative country players of regional fame.  He also plays with Klezamir and the Young at Heart Chorus.  Jim also notes that if you live within ten miles of Northampton then you likely know someone who studied music with him!