Kate O’Connor

Project Info

Skills Guitar, Mandolin, Clarinet, Saxophone

Project Description

Kate O’Connor has been teaching music and performing in pop/rock, folk, and jazz/blues bands for eighteen years. This wealth of experience, combined with formal training in classical, jazz and rock, performance and theory, provides students with the best knowledge and insights from both the academic and working musician worlds. Kate helps vocalists learn to sing with ease, power and increased range and expression. She guides students through exercises to master all the basic singing techniques and apply them to singing many vocal styles and textures from folk to pop to jazz. Kate assists the beginning or continuing keyboardist to learn or improve their rhythm, sight reading, ear training, musical expression and theory. Songs are chosen by students from their own musical interests, and from popular and classical repertoires as appropriate. She can teach students by sight reading or by a combination of chart reading and learning by ear.