Nina Gross

Nina Gross

Nina Gross believes musical expression should be the right of every child. In her teaching, she seeks to establish a strong musical foundation and joyous... Read More

Robin Hoffman

Robin Hoffman teaches all types of ukulele including baritone and can teach you to read sheet music and tablature.  She had a nineteen-year-long professional career... Read More

Jim Armenti

Jim Armenti teaches guitar, mandolin, bass, clarinet, saxophone, and ukulele integrating music theory, instrument theory, songwriting and singing into lessons. Jim tailors his teaching also... Read More

Doug Beaumier

Doug Beaumier is a well known and experienced teacher of guitar and steel guitar for over 30 years. Doug teaches guitar, lap steel guitar, pedal... Read More

Dan Margolis

Dan Margolis has been teaching guitar for nearly 20 years at Downtown Sounds! Dan has focused his teaching method on a song-based approach to learning... Read More

Dave Trenholm

Dave Trenholm teaches guitar, saxophone, flute, clarinet, bass, and ukulele. He’s been teaching at Downtown Sounds for over 10 years. Dave teaches students of all... Read More

Robby Roiter

Robby Roiter, another one of Downtown Sounds long standing guitar teachers has been at the Northampton store for years. Robby has a rich background teaching... Read More

Keith Levreault

Keith Levreault has been a highly sought after drum instructor at Downtown Sounds for over 20 years. Keith has over thirty years of playing experience, and is... Read More

Jeff Nissenbaum

Jeff Nissenbaum has been teaching at Downtown Sounds for over 20 years! Jeff has been a professional drummer for over thirty years playing with a host... Read More

Kate O’Connor

Kate O’Connor has been a full time professional musician and music teacher for over 30 years. Kate teaches keyboards, vocals, beginner guitar, and steel drum... Read More