Keith Levreault

Keith Levreault

Keith Levreault has been a highly sought after drum instructor at Downtown Sounds for over 20 years. Keith has over thirty years of playing experience, and is... Read More

Jeff Nissenbaum

Jeff Nissenbaum has been teaching at Downtown Sounds for over 20 years! Jeff has been a professional drummer for over thirty years playing with a host... Read More

Kate O’Connor

Kate O’Connor has been a full time professional musician and music teacher for over 30 years. Kate teaches keyboards, vocals, beginner guitar, and steel drum... Read More

Rudi Weeks

Rudi has been a professional musician and teacher of music for over thirty five years. He has performed with such 60s greats as The Contours,... Read More

Pamela Means

PAMELA MEANS Pamela Means is an accomplished teacher and musician who lends her experiences at Downtown Sounds providing instruction in guitar, bass, music theory and... Read More

Max Wareham

MAX WAREHAM Max Wareham has been teaching banjo in the Valley for over 6 years and has studied intensively with banjo greats including Bill Keith,... Read More