Pamela Means

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Instruments Guitar, Bass, Music Theory, Songwriting
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Project Description

Pamela Means is an accomplished teacher and musician who lends her experiences at Downtown Sounds providing instruction in guitar, bass, music theory and songwriting. Whether it is jazz, folk, blues or rock, Pamela can instruct the student and have them love to learn. In time, her students will learn how to sight read and use the most proper and healthy techniques in playing music.

Pamela welcomes all students including the youngest of all levels. Pamela truly enjoys inspiring others through teaching music. Her extensive experience, including 25 years of private instruction, implementing and leading lesson programs in music stores from Boston and NYC to the Pioneer Valley, and teaching scores of students at regional music camps, allows her to use a well-honed special skill set and goal-based individualized approach to each and every student that helps accelerate, advance and solidify their own knowledge

Pamela is a professional singer-songwriter and jazz musician with eight independent album releases and a lengthy resumé of cross-country and international tours. Check out Pamela Means new album titled PLAINFIELD!

“I like being confident in what I am doing. It is a joy knowing that I can help my students get better as quickly as their talent will allow.” Come meet up with Pamela and you will see why she is a sought after teacher!!!