Rashaad Greene

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Instruments Drums/Percussion

Project Description

Rashaad Greene is a percussionist/drummer currently pursuing his Masters at UMass Amherst and studying with Ayano Kataoka and Tom Giampietro. He has been playing percussion instruments since the age of 10, and began serious, intensive drum set studies upon entering college. From studying primarily with Derrek Phillips at Vanderbilt University (along with other well-regraded drummers, including Jeff Hamilton, Chester Thompson, Jordan Perlson, and Jeffrey Lien), Rashaad has developed a plethora of drumming styles, making him a very diverse and versatile drummer. He is comfortable playing and teaching the drumming styles of jazz, funk, R&B, rock, gospel, second-line, country, pop, reggae, Caribbean, Latin, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, West African, and South Indian, and fusion. He is also well-versed on hand percussion instruments (congas, bongos, djembe, bodhrán, etc.) in many of the aforementioned styles. Rashaad enjoys teaching lessons that are catered to the interests of the student, and is very flexible with his pedagogical approach. Students may go through various method books, worksheets, and recordings in order reach their goals. Most importantly, Rashaad wants the learning process to be fun and engaging. That being said, all are certainly welcome to his studio.