Robby Roiter

Project Info

Skills Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar, Folk, Country, Rock

Project Description

Robby Alan Roiter is a versatile guitarist based in Western Massachusetts, originally from New York City, who has been playing music passionately for several decades. Robby performs regionally on electric and acoustic guitar (and bass) playing jazz and other genres in a variety of solo and ensemble settings in clubs, cafes, art galleries, with modern dancers, at weddings, jam sessions and more. His musical mentors includes legendary saxophonist/ composer Yusef Lateef, pianist Eugene Uman, cellist David Darling, and guitarists Freddie Bryant and Helmut Kagerer. Robby brings an encouraging, effective blend of focus and fun to teaching, tailoring lessons to the interests of students of all ages while establishing a strong foundation in all aspects of solid musicianship.