Downtown Sounds Workers Co-op has a new guitar repair department!

Tom Shea, worker-owner, has 4 years experience in many aspects of repair, and is head of guitar and instrument repair at Downtown Sounds Workers Cooperative. Tom can assist the customer, along with worker-owner Jason Carpenter and luthier Zach Muffoletto, in getting their repairs done right and in a timely manner. Zach has been part of the repair team for the past year, and has proved to be a great addition, handling any repair with a thorough, quick turnaround. Owen Davidson, our former in-house luthier, is also available for warranty and repair work upon request. We do warranty work for Fender, Martin and Taylor.

Downtown Sounds Workers Cooperative is a new business as of May, 2019. Now owned and operated by its employees with a redesigned guitar repair department to work more efficiently and fast, with better customer consideration and communication. Our rates remain the same, and estimates are always free.

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